See How Lee Spring Optimized Their CRM for Highly Custom Manufactured Parts


See How Lee Spring Optimized Their CRM for Highly Custom Manufactured Parts

Introduction to Lee Spring

Lee Spring is a manufacturer of stock and custom springs and has developed its company to serve countless different businesses and customers. Their sales and operations cover the globe in countries such as the United States, Mexico, China, India, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Lee Springs has over 25,000 stock products and each of which has 25 quantity-break price levels in multiple currencies in each jurisdiction. Customers also have the customizable option to order springs that specifically meet their needs. Lee Spring is heavily customer-oriented and therefore requires a smart and efficient system that is able to maintain its customer engagements.


Prior to hiring Dominic Systems as a trusted advisor, Lee Spring required a strategic systems plan for efficiently managing all of its customer interactions. Lee Spring needed a system that would help its team excel in customer interactions while maintaining a smooth and efficient flow of operations. The system also needed to keep track of a large variety of projects. Dominic Systems was ready to help with a strategic plan centred around Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

CRM Solution Design

To begin this collaboration, Dominic implemented Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and integrated it with SYSPRO so that all the product information could be tracked alongside customer information. Since Lee Spring offers customers the ability to order their own customized springs, it was important that there would be a solution that covered all the product variations; for an example, each Stock Spring has 50+ specifications such as diameter, length, max twist, etc.

Dynamics 365 was able to keep track of all the product variations, and even had features for measuring in imperial or metric units, along with a price breakdown of the springs by quantity. Dynamics 365 also supports multiple different languages and currencies within the system and even meets important regulatory requirements such as ITAR.

CRM Integrations

To fit in with Lee Spring’s various customer touchpoints, the CRM also required extensive integrations with Gatekeeper, eCommerce websites, Lee Design, and other in-house systems. The Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement implementation would now be a central repository for all the data, essentially ‘one version of the truth.’

CRM User Coaching

To begin the journey of Dominic Systems as Lee Spring’s trusted advisor, the user of the CRM system was primarily the Customer Service Team. As time went on, the usage extended to the Marketing Team as well. To be noted, there were also several acquisitions of other spring manufacturers.

The Outcome of CRM Integration and User Coaching

Dominic Systems continues to act as a trusted advisor to Lee Spring to this day, after years of a successful relationship. Dynamics 365 is now a mission-critical core component that helps Lee Spring process customer orders with little to no human involvement regarding stock orders—business processes have been efficiently automated!

Lee Spring is very happy with the CRM implementation, telling us “The Dynamics 365 Connector for SYSPRO has allowed us to share critical data across all departments. Accurate data improved our customer service quality and increased sales.”

Learn more about how we can effectively tailor a CRM to your custom product inventory!

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