CRM User Coaching

Realize the full potential of CRM through a successful rollout and user coaching program.

Our CRM Coaches Partner with Your Team to
Drive CRM Success

With new or existing CRM implementations, companies often find employees failing to fully engage or pushing back from using the system. Dominic Systems’ coaches work with your employees to help them realize the full potential of using CRM to achieve both individual and corporate-wide business goals.

Effective Coaching Helps Employees Get
the Most Out of CRM

We provide a nonjudgmental, safe learning environment tailored to each employee’s individual learning style.

Prepare for Takeoff

Our coaching services complement our CRM Success Program, combining professional coaching with CRM training to help increase your user adoption rate.

CRM User Coaching Service Features


Coach works directly with an employee
via virtual or in-person coaching.


Coaching on a selected interval until
employee is excited to be using CRM.


The coach tailors the coaching for the individual employee.


Employees have a chance to be heard.


Process is customized to the changing needs of the employee.


Coaching is based on an overall CRM Road Map.

Goal Oriented

Coaching works towards achieving measurable outcomes or targets.

Measured and recorded

Progress is evaluated by the coach, and/or the employee.

Time based

Coaching sessions, schedules, and outcomes are time-bound.

Get on the Path to CRM Success