CRM Migration to Dynamics 365

Easily migrate CRM data to Dynamics 365 or your preferred tool.

Need to change your CRM?

There are many reasons why your business may need to change CRMs, for example:

Outgrowing the functionality of your current CRM
Requiring specific features
Needing integration capabilities with other systems (like your ERP)
Your current CRM is being discontinued
Updating your overall tech stack

No matter the circumstance, we’re here to make your CRM migration as smooth as possible.

How We Streamline the CRM Migration Process


We’re CRM Experts

For over 10 years we’ve helped companies optimize CRM systems, and rarely do we start from scratch. We’ve migrated over 100CRMs and know the twists and turns like the backs of our hands.


We Know Top CRMs

If you’re looking to upgrade, you’re probably considering Dynamics 365 or Salesforce. We have experience with these top CRMs. We also offer special services for SYSPRO CRM due to our unique integration tool.


Proprietary Tools

While custom CRM migrations are an option, if you’re migrating from SYSPRO CRM, we have a pre-built migration tool that can make data mapping and implementation time and cost effective.


CRM Success Methodology

Beyond the tech, we have a CRM Success Methodology that helps ensure your team not only uses the new CRM but loves it! We onboard and coach users and customize CRM to fit their unique needs.

Our CRM Migration Services

Custom CRM Migration

If you have unique needs for your particular combination of ERP and CRM, then a Custom Integration might be required. Since the integration is built just for you, you’ll be able to specify exactly how you’d like to work, and we map and build the data connections as needed. We also offer maintenance packages for custom solutions to ensure your CRM is always up to date with the latest features, user needs and system upgrades.

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SYSPRO CRM Migration

If you have SYSPRO and would like to migrate to Dynamics 365 or Salesforce, we have a pre-built tool that makes this process completely painless. CRM Connector for SYSPRO is our proprietary integration suite between SYSPRO CRM and Dynamics 365 or Salesforce. This tool is ready-to-go out of the box. It can also be used to support your unique SYSPRO ERP integrations.

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Why Customers Choose Our Pre-Built CRM Migration Solution

Fast to Implement
Since it’s pre-built, the migration can be executed very quickly to prevent disruption to your business.

The logic, approval steps, default values, process logic can all be configured so you don’t have to force processes to fit the system.

Fast to Implement
Since it’s pre-built, the migration can be executed very quickly to prevent disruption to your business.

CRM Migration Packages Include

Base CRM Migration Implementation

The key parts of the CRM Migration include: Project Management Data Conversion Process Mapping Automation App Configuration Reporting and Analysis (Dashboards) Training and Coaching (CRM Success       Methodology) Support

Option 1
SYSPRO® CRM Standard Migration (to Dynamics 365 CRM or Salesforce)

Dominic Systems has created an out-of-the-box standard conversion for SYSPRO CRM to either Dynamics 365 CRM or Salesforce. Use of this migration tool with no modifications is no charge for clients that have a paid-up annual Connector for SYSPRO subscription.

Option 2
Custom Migration

Custom mappings and/or other custom data migration from SYSPRO® CRM to Dynamics 365 CRM or Salesforce is available. Custom work is priced based on client requirements.


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