CRM Functional Consulting

Optimize your CRM to your business applications and processes — the sky’s the limit.

Your CRM Should Simplify Business Processes,
Not Complicate Them

Dominic Systems designs and implements efficient CRM solutions and help your team
integrate CRM with your ERP, business applications and day-to-day operations.

Customize Your CRM to Solve Your
Industry Challenges

Dynamics 365 can be customized without programmers to a huge variety of industries, situations and specific needs. We can build any application on top of the Microsoft Dynamics platform to extend the functionality of CRM.

Built for Your Business

Whether you manage Golf Courses, a Dealer Channel, General Contractors, Military or Aerospace companies, Microsoft Dynamics can be customized for your business.

How Connector for SYSPRO® Helps Clients

No one wants to chase data. When you help clients synchronize customer and order information, you help them streamline sales processes and access the insights they need for customer success.

Customer Relationship
Partner Relationship
Subscriber Relationship
Tenant Relationship
Donor Relationship
Member Relationship
Employee Relationship
Get on the Path to CRM Success