Our CRM Success methodology ensures new processes are efficiently launched and adopted.

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Achieve CRM Success with Our Proven Agile Methodology

Dominic Systems’ CRM Success methodology uses Agile Project Management techniques to help us understand your business and design CRM solutions your team will love. Agile Project Management includes short, focused cycles where small gains (wins) are achieved in each cycle. This approach maximizes the chances of success and provides positive feedback to all parties, including the end users. This iterative, agile process feeds on itself to level up each cycle to greater success.

Our proprietary CRM Success methodology follows a 10-step process.

10 Steps to CRM Success

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1. Discovery

Get to know you, your business and defining success.

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2. Readiness

Plan what we all need to do to prepare for success.

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3. Sprints

Identify small steps that can be completed quickly.

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4. Implement

Get the nuts and bolts in place.

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5. Test

Make sure everything will work when the rubber hits the road.

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6. Coach

Work with everyone to prepare for their role.

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7. Repeat

Continue sprinting through steps 3, 4 & 5 to complete next steps.

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8. Go Live

Flip the switch.

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9. Follow Up

Check on each participant individually.

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10. Complete

Check that the definition of success was met and celebrate!

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Get on the Path to CRM Success

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Dotted flow with text bubbles

Get on the Path to CRM Success

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