Connector for SYSPRO® Partner Program

Our experts make work life easier with CRM solution design, integrations and user coaching.

Become a Connector for SYSPRO® Partner

Use our pre-built integration suite to help clients synchronize data between SYSPRO and Dynamics 365 CRM or Salesforce, while building a recurring commission-based revenue stream for your business.

Connector for SYSPRO® is Trusted by Leading Manufacturers

How Connector for SYSPRO® Helps Clients

No one wants to chase data. When you help clients synchronize customer and order information, you help them streamline sales processes and access the insights they need for customer success.

360° Customer View

Give CRM users the ERP data they need right in the CRM.

Mobile Access in the Field

Free teams from their desks with cloud access to data.

Process Orders Faster

Know stock information, pricing, no more “let me check.”

Work Smarter

Automate key steps between CRM and ERP.

Use Fewer SYSPRO Logins

Reduce the number of SYSPRO logins/seats (and costs).

Keep Data Safe & Validated

Ensure appropriate security and validation are in place.

Finally, your clients can use best-of-breed CRM systems with SYSPRO ERP.

Why Partners Choose Our Pre-Built Solution

Transform the way your clients work with customer and order information.

Demonstrate Expertise

Clients rely on you to provide streamlined solutions and now it’s easier than ever to overcome ERP/CRM integration pain points.

Reduce Integration Risks

Our solution is robust because lots of companies use it. Avoid unexpected ‘gotchas’ and custom solutions that only one or two people understand.

Future Proof

We regularly maintain the integration, even as SYSPRO, Dynamics 365 or Salesforce make updates to their products.

Fast to Implement

Since it’s pre-built, the integration can be executed in a reasonable amount of time to prevent disruption to your clients’ businesses.


The logic, approval steps, default values, process logic can all be configured so you don’t have to force processes to fit the system.

Cost Effective

With a faster, risk-free, pre-built solution that can be configured, you can reduce the cost of integration to deliver greater ROI.

Connector for SYSPRO® Resources

A Flexible Integration Solution

Based on our experience with integration projects for SYSPRO and CRM, we knew that no two use cases were alike and developed our pre-built solution to fit as many integration scenarios as possible.

Partner Marketing Support

We have talking points and editable sales tools to help communicate the value of Connector for SYSPRO® to your clients. We can also work together on joint webinars and other marketing initiatives.

Partner Program Details

Implementation Types

Choose the best option for your client.

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