Dynamics 365 Connector for SYSPRO​™

Connect your CRM to your SYSPRO ERP with Dynamics 365 Connector for SYSPRO.

Create Enhanced Customer Profiles With Rich ERP Data

Your CRM efficiently aggregates customer data and insights to give your sales and marketing teams a competitive edge—and you can supercharge that advantage with ERP data. With the right connectivity, sales and marketing teams can access real-time customer data from your ERP system to improve planning and decision making.

Give Your Sales, Customer Service and Marketing Teams a Data Advantage

Dynamics 365 Connector for SYSPRO™ updates Dynamics 365 with time-sensitive SYSPRO ERP data in seconds. It provides sales, customer service, and other Dynamics 365 users with all the financial, purchase history, credit status and other information that they need in one place.

Streamlined Updates in One Place

You can also configure Dynamics 365 Connector for SYSPRO™ to allow updates from Dynamics 365, including creating new customers, products, sales orders and other data in SYSPRO™ from Dynamics 365 – it adapts to the existing business processes.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Connector for SYSPRO

Accurate, up-to-date information from SYSPRO™ to Dynamics 365 users

Single login for Dynamics 365 users— no separate login for SYSPRO™

No more phone calls and emails from remote users back to the office

Add SYSPRO™ Customers from Dynamics 365

Create SYSPRO™ Sales Orders from Dynamics 365

Display SYSPRO™ and Dynamics 365 data together on a single screen

Entirely configurable to adapt to your unique business processes

Share both Dynamics 365 and SYSPRO™ custom fields

Get on the Path to CRM Success