What to Expect When You Migrate from SYSPRO CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Are you looking to migrate from SYSPRO CRM to a best-of-breed full CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics 365? Be prepared to embrace Microsoft Dynamics 365 and have all your CRM pain points melt away. But, before you make this transition, we understand your team probably has a number of questions about how to get started; this informational blog is here to provide some answers!

What data can you migrate from SYSPRO to Dynamics 365?

You can migrate all your important CRM data directly into Dynamics 365. SYSPRO CRM data is stored in a readily accessible SQL database.

Dynamics 365 can support a wide variety of specific processes:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Warranties
  • Returns
  • Quoting
  • Quote Configurator
  • Field Staffing/Remote Users

What integration points should you have between your CRM and SYSPRO?

In order to have a successful CRM setup, your CRM and ERP data must be able to communicate. Here are some of the key integration points:

  • Sales Orders / Order fulfillment
  • RMA’S
  • New Customers
  • Customer Updates
  • Customer Account Status and History
  • Inventory Queries
  • Pricing Rules
  • And more – ask us how easy it is to configure the migration to your specific business processes.
 The best part is that we can completely automate the integration between CRM and SYSPRO ERP (and vice versa)!

Do you need to provide your customers or third parties with a portal?

Dynamics 365 supports the following actions:

  • Account inquiries
  • Order inquiries
  • Quote Requests
  • Online Ordering
  • Return Requests
  • Warranty Claims

Is it time-consuming to set up the SYSPRO CRM Migration?

It depends if you do it manually (which can be both time and cost-intensive) or via a pre-built tool like our Dynamics 365 Connector for SYSPRO.

Are You Ready to Fully Utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power?

With our Connector for SYSPRO pre-built integration tool, you can create custom CRM integrations that fit your unique business processes. This entire process can be automated, saving time and cost for your company. Dominic Systems acts as a trusted advisor and provides ongoing user coaching and support after the implementation process. Learn more about previous customer success stories.

If you are looking to migrate from the SYSPRO CRM to Dynamics 365 CRM system, support your implementation with our highly qualified CRM consultants.

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