Streamline Sales and Fulfillment Team Collaboration With a SYSPRO Integration

When your business manufactures complex products, your sales team must collect a lot of data and specifications in order to quote prospects correctly with the help of your schedulers, engineers and production managers. Then, when those hard-working salespeople get a ‘win,’ there is still a lot of work required to pass all that critical data from sales to fulfillment.

Sales handover tasks may include:

  • Create Bills of Material (and Operations) for the permutation quoted
  • Create Jobs for one-off production of a specific client solution
  • Create detailed Sales Orders with many components
  • Feed into SYSPRO Product Configurator
  • Create Kits to meet a particular configuration

To collect all this data, your sales team might be using:

  • Experlogix, Salesforce CPQ, Cincom, Configure One, or another third party CPQ system
  • An industry-specific quoting tool
  • A custom/in-house quoting system
  • The dreaded Excel spreadsheet template!

If your team is manually gathering these materials and sharing them with your fulfillment team, there is absolutely a better way: automate it!

You can send all the sales-gathered data to your fulfillment team automatically via SYSPRO.

Connector for SYSPRO is an integration tool that can take data from a variety of sources (not just Dynamics 365 or Salesforce) and cleverly restructure it for SYSPRO in whatever manner your business processes require. The best part is that you can completely automate the creation of the required complex entities in SYSPRO.

The best part is that we can completely automate the creation of the required complex entities in SYSPRO!

For example, Dominic Systems consultants have used Connector for SYSPRO to:

  • Connect Bills of Material and Operations from Salesforce with a custom Quotation system.
  • Take Experlogix configurations fed into Dynamics 365 and create Sales Orders with supporting Inventory Items (and BoMs).

What is your permutation?

Let’s streamline your sales and fulfillment handover process

If you collect complex information during your sales process and find it challenging to pass that information into SYSPRO, let us know.  We can discuss how that transfer might be automated and let you know if one of our Connector for SYSPRO integrations can connect those dots.


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Streamline Sales and Fulfillment Team Collaboration With a SYSPRO Integration

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