Samson Rope Case Study: Integrating a Quoting System

If you are looking to increase profitability and reduce costs with a CRM Quoting System, this story is for you!

Background: Who is Samson Rope and What Do They Do?

Samson Rope

is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative synthetic rope solutions to customers across a multitude of industries, including mining, craning, defense, and utility. Samson Rope aims to deliver top-notch customer service by completely understanding its customers’ operations, rope needs, and challenges. Samson Rope’s Fabrication Department created a custom quoting system for calculating the complex components and costs that go into their fabricated rope products.

Challenge: The Custom Quoting System Involved Manual Efforts

In order to use the Custom Quoting System, teams had to perform multiple manuals, and repetitive tasks using different systems, including the sales team, the scheduling team (using SYSPRO) and the internal team (using the Custom Quoting system). This resulted in delays, additional costs, and undue stress.

“It took our team 7-8 minutes to use the custom quoting system, then enter the same information into CRM and then again in SYSPRO when it was time to use those same specs for an order.” – Samson Rope (Dean Haverstraw)

Solution: Integrating the Quoting System

To help the sales team save time, we coordinated with the Samson Rope Fabrication Department to support the functions of the Custom Quoting System using the Quoting System. The end result is a system that flows seamlessly between CRM, the Custom Quoting system, and SYSPRO. With a single ‘click’ of a customer order, the Connector for SYSPRO creates the required Inventory Items AND their associated Bills of Material and Routings, AND then the actual Sales Order. Processing time is reduced from hours to seconds.

Integrating these systems required a complex set of integration steps, each of which depended on the results of the prior steps.


– Eliminated a lot of manual effort such as rekeying

– Significantly reduced human/rekeying errors

– Reduced wasted time

– Lowered costs

– Fast and secure order processing

The Bottom Line

Once we activated the new integrations, we immediately saw a reduction in time to process orders. We are also able to track the accuracy of our quotes and flag costing exceptions or other anomalies so our quotes will become even more accurate in the future.

“After integrating the Custom Quoting System with the Quoting System and SYSPRO, all this manual re-entry was eliminated. Saving 40-50% of the overall entry time. It just pulled in the information for our teams to start using immediately. We could deliver feedback, orders, and answers to inquiries with record turnarounds.” – Samson Rope (Dean Haverstraw)

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