Discover How Powell Embraced Dynamics 365 As A Customizable CRM

Introduction to Powell

Founded in 1964 and based in Saint Louis, Powell Solutions provides custom chemical manufacturing equipment to users across the entire globe. Specializing in Sodium Hypochlorite (NAOCI) production and Chlorine (CI2) processing equipment, Powell also offers services to chemical processors, toll blenders, distributors, contract packages, and end-users. Powell is able to offer customers custom production equipment for chemicals covering a wide range of industrial, municipal, and consumer uses. There are a large variety of chemical systems offered to customers, as well as custom process designs to meet specific consumer system needs such as air treatment systems, filter systems, scrubbing systems, and more.


Powell was in need of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage its customer interactions, as their clients are offered a wide variety of customizable chemical products, equipment, and services. Their products are custom-engineered solutions that involve complex installation and commissioning, as well as long-term support and maintenance. Dynamics 365 is designed to manage all the communications around installation and support issues. Powell needed a CRM solution that could manage all communications around installation and support issues.

CRM Integrations

When first introduced to Dominic Systems, Powell had purchased and implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM (On-Premises). To begin the collaboration, Dominic Systems first implemented an early version of the Dynamics 365 Connector for SYSPRO. For an example of the new integration, Powell was finally able to pass data from ERP to CRM, like creating RMA’s in SYSPRO from cases in CRM.

CRM User Coaching

Dominic Systems worked with Powell employees to ensure they were fully educated and engaged with the new system of Dynamics 365. Dominic placed and continues to place heavy emphasis on this step of CRM implementation, as sufficient user coaching makes certain that Powell gets the most success and use of Dynamics 365.

More recently, as Powell’s business began to evolve, their CRM system developed to Dynamics 365 (Online) and Dominic Systems fully supported the migration and applied all necessary changes required to the integration setup for a successful transition.

The Outcome of CRM Design, Integration, and User Coaching

Powell is now fully equipped and trained to use Dynamics 365 as their CRM. By embracing Dynamics 365, Powell has successfully been able to manage all customer interactions and custom orders in a CRM that provides all their customer information and orders. Dominic Systems is Powell’s primary Dynamics 365 partner and provides continuous support for the entire system. Dominic also provides additional support for any enhancements and upgraded features for their CRM system.

Powell is extremely satisfied and pleased with their CRM implementation and continuous support, sharing that “Dominic Systems met our deadlines. Their ERP/CRM integration package is thorough. Their people are personable and professional.”

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