Managing Holiday Schedule In Dynamics 365 Section: Cases

Manage Holiday Schedule In Dynamics 365 with Functional CRM Consulting

• Admin Level Needed: System Administrator
• Pre-Requisites: Setup Holiday Calendar

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In this blog, we will cover how to use Customer Service Schedules & Holiday Schedules with the Service Level Agreement.

Avoid having your service level agreements affected during the busy holiday season when your organization is closed by creating the customer service schedule ahead of time and adding it to your service calendar.

Before creating an SLA it is necessary to set up the Customer Service Schedule & Holiday Schedule. You need to know what hours the employees will be available to solve the incoming cases. Depending on the Business Hours & Holiday closures on SLA, the SLA timer starts.

The holiday is created and associated with your customer service calendar. Then, if a customer submits a case on that holiday, your SLA is clear and is not affected by the holiday closure.

Create and manage holiday schedule In Dynamics 365 Section

To create Customer Service Schedule:

1. Click on Setting and go to Service Calendar.


Example of managing customer service and holiday schedule

Select ‘New’, enter the Name & Description for the Service Schedule and click Create.

• For Weekly Schedule, under the ‘Set the recurring weekly schedule’ you can set Work Hours, Work Days& Holiday Schedule.
• For Work Hours, you select ‘same each day’, or you can select ‘Set Work Hours’. Then set the Start and End times of work hours.

To create Holiday Schedule:


Example of set up a holiday schedule in Dynamics 365 section

1. Go to Settings, and click on Service Management and select Holiday Schedule.
2. Select New and in the Create Holiday Schedule dialog box, enter a name and description for the holiday, and then select Create.
3. When the holiday opens, select New in the Holidays grid to add the holiday to your customer service calendar.
4. In the Add a Holiday dialog box, specify the Name, Start Date, End Date, and Duration of the holiday, and then select OK.

By using these scheduled holidays, the SLA timer will be more accurate, and you can manage customer expectations more effectively.

If you need help managing Holiday Schedule in Dynamics 365 Section, our functional CRM consulting company can help you.

We wish you lots of happy customers and Happy Holidays!

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