How to Use Maplytics Within Dynamics 365 CRM to Catch the Wave of Location Intelligence

How to Use Maplytics Within Dynamics 365 CRM to Catch the Wave of Location Intelligence

A plethora of well-organized data is an established asset for any business, including location intelligence which can now be organized within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM using Maplytics. Maplytics, a classic geo-mapping app integrated with Bing Maps, empowers the user with the ability to geo-code and geo-tag the organized data, territorial networking, targeting, market assessment, personalization, integration, and more. This location intelligence can handsomely aid in rebuilding business strategies and elevating productivity. At Dominic, we have partnered with Maplytics by Inogic to harness the power of location intelligence!

Why We’re Excited About Maplytics for Location Intelligence

Maplytics is an all-inclusive, preferred, 5-star-rated geo-analytical mapping app on the Microsoft AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse (PowerApps). It empowers users across verticals with Geographical Data Visualization, Optimized Routing, Automated Appointment Planning, Radius Search, Territory Management, and so on by enhancing their sales, sales territory mapping, and other business processes. Its seamless integration with Bing Maps and availability in 11 different global languages, viz, English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, and Russian within Microsoft Dynamics 365 strengthens the Business data with geo-coded intelligence.

While using Maplytics, users can also configure zoom levels, current location, origin, destination, etc. as per their preference and save the same for future use. Users can also create customized views with multiple dashboards based on requirements like appointments, records by Annual revenue, etc. to get a glimpse of the huge data. This way, they can personalize to get the required data and use Maplytics efficiently.

Let’s walk through some of the amazing and unique benefits of Maplytics

  1. Data Visualization: Dynamics 365 CRM records can be plotted over the Map with respect to their locations, regions, territories, shapes drawn, etc. The client records can be visualized over the map in the form of customized, colored pushpins. Plotted records can be used for better visualization and analysis of the data presented geographically and hence help in making better business decisions for elevated business productivity. The plotted data can be categorized based on contacts, revenue, industry, and so on.

  2. Radius/ Proximity Search: If the current location of an on-field rep is provided this feature helps in finding the records that are near i.e., within a specific radius around him. The rep could provide the desired radii and the vicinity of the existing/potential clients within that circle could be visualized over the map within the Dynamics 365 CRM. The clients can also be plotted based on the number of minutes/ hours the rep is ready to travel in order to reach the new clients. This helps in searching for clients that are within the shortest/most convenient distance or time and hence helps to add more meetings to the existing schedule of the day for the rep. This eventually enhances productivity.
  1. Optimized Routing: If a field rep has been allotted a few clients, to pay a visit to, this feature helps in plotting an optimized travel route within Dynamics 365 CRM that will be shortest in terms of the distance he’ll have to travel or the time he’d take to cover that distance. These optimized routes can be chosen to be potentially traffic-free, and toll-free, and avoid highways with stagnant movement. In case of cancelation or postponement of a meeting, the routes can be modified and updated as per the new/additional destinations the rep has to travel to for any ad hoc or newly added appointments.

  2. Auto Scheduling: Appointments and related travel plans for the reps can be auto-scheduled days and/or weeks in advance for multiple reps using Maplytics within Dynamics 365 CRM. The duration and their start and end times, the duration of the breaks, buffer times in-between meetings, and working days of the reps can all be entered to be considered while creating the schedule along with the availability of the reps. This provides optimized routes as well for the respective appointments created for the rep team. This also considers the availability of the reps by considering if there are any existing meetings. This way both the reps and the managers are well organized in advance to meet clients and complete sales targets effectively and on time. Being punctual and well-planned also leaves a lasting impression on the clients, thus aiding in maintaining good client relationships. Since multiple reps can be scheduled efficiently together, it also aids in easing out the manager’s tasks.

  3. Real-Time Tracking: The resources/ field reps can be tracked when on the field in real-time as well as for their trips in the past. This allows the managers to keep a track of where the reps/engineers are traveling on the field and the route they were assigned for travel. Comparing both they will be able to understand if their reps/technicians had deviated from the route assigned to them. They can use this info in real time to guide the rep/engineer on field as well. In the case of ad hoc requirements, the rep that is nearest to the location of the new request can be viewed over the map and redirected to this ad hoc location.
  1. Territory Management: Territory Management, a popular and most in demand feature is used to create, align, and manage territories. The ease of the feature aids the managers to create and manage multiple territories within in Dynamics 365 CRM based on region options like zip codes, cities etc. shapes drawn using shape tools, or even shape/excel files. Auto creation of territories is one of the upgraded benefits. Managers can also use the feature of auto territory creation to create territories automatically based on the count of users.  One can create, draft, align and edit territories as per one’s business needs also considering the hierarchies within Dynamics 365 CRM.

How to Activate a 15-Day Trial of Maplytics Within Dynamics 365

Unlock the power of geo-analytics using Maplytics within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Contact us to set up a 15-day trial of Maplytics within your Dynamics 365 account.

For more information or to get a free demo on any of these apps, connect with Dominic Systems.

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How to Use Maplytics Within Dynamics 365 CRM to Catch the Wave of Location Intelligence

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