How to Protect Your CRM From Data Loss and Corruption With OwnBackup


How to Protect Your CRM From Data Loss and Corruption With OwnBackup

If you think your SaaS CRM provider is protecting your CRM data, you might be surprised to learn that you’re the one in charge. What are you doing to protect this valuable company data, including your customers’ personal information, deal values, and your entire history of correspondence? If the answer is ‘nothing,’ you should consider a solution like OwnBackup, which is built to integrate with SaaS like your CRM and keep this data safe and compliant.

What is OwnBackup?

OwnBackup is a SaaS Data Protection service that can be implemented with CRM systems such as Dynamics 365. OwnBackup protects data in the cloud from loss and corruption that may be caused by:

  • Human error
  • Bad code
  • Integration error
  • Migration error
  • Malicious intent

Protecting over 4,000 businesses, OwnBackup is becoming one of the largest recovery and data protection solutions in the marketplace.


Following a motto of ‘Zero downtime, never lose data in the cloud,’ there are several ways OwnBackup protects your data:

  • Automated backups: OwnBackup provides automated backups of company data. Data is backed up over 250 times a month and is retained for up to 99 years.
  • Rapid recovery: If data loss or corruption were to occur, most non-customers will experience a 7+ delay to recover their data. However, OwnBackup customers recover their data in less than a day

  • Cutting-edge R&D: OwnBackup has invested $1 billion in security research and development

Key Features of OwnBackup

Here are just a few of the reasons you should choose OwnBackup to protect your CRM data:

  • Quickly search data history: You can search data history in order to save time instead of having to try and manually uncover records. Find an account you know was deleted and restore just that account and its associated child records.

  • Stay informed with smart alerts: OwnBackup sends the user intelligent alerts which reminds and assures them that an automated daily backup is occurring. Throw a red flag if too many records are deleted or changed at once. Monitor sensitive data fields to make sure they are not overwritten accidentally.

  • Compare data to identify changes: Another beneficial feature of OwnBackup is the quick compare feature which allows the user to compare data within different environments and can even get down to a specific field or entity. Quickly identify what has changed and whether something needs to be restored.

  • Carefully restore granular data: One more highlighting benefit of OwnBackup is the feature of granular restore which restores just a selected subset of columns, rows, tables, and attachments to the backup environment directly. No more wiping everything out just to recover some records a user accidentally deleted!

 Keep Your Data in Compliance

OwnBackup is compliant with SOC2 and HIPAA, so all data is encrypted when in transit and at rest, it is made a primary initiative that the user fully trusts the cloud and what happens with their data. Canadian users can rest assured that their backups are stored in Canada and never leave the country.

It’s Easy to Protect Your CRM Data with OwnBackup

OwnBackup focuses heavily on the simplicity and ease of the user experience. The implementation process is efficient and easy to learn, install, and delegate. The user is guaranteed access to a 24/7 on-call support system if needed. Implemented with Dynamics 365, OwnBackup is able to handle any amount of data and ensure successful integration.

Protect Your CRM Data! Implement OwnBackup with Your Own CRM

Dominic Systems provides expert advice on how to best protect your CRM data with OwnBackup and can also help you implement this data protection solution. To make sure your CRM data is protected, schedule a consultation with one of our CRM experts today.

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