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What would you do if you could combine satellite and aerial data with your CRM data? Maptaskr users find that they can quickly identify opportunities near their sales leaders, efficiently plan sales trips, improve territory coverage, and optimize field service routes. When you integrate Maptaskr with your CRM, like Dynamics 365, you can give your users the ability to connect geospatial intelligence and location intelligence information with all other data from customers and prospects.

What is Maptaskr?

Maptaskr is a CRM integration that pulls in information from geospatial and location intelligence, such as ESRI ArcGIS data, and automatically correlates it with the customer, operational, and field data in your CRM. Maptaskr is a Microsoft Preferred Solution built to enhance your business processes by enriching customer information with location data and allowing you to trigger actionable processes from within the map.

Here are just a few of the ways Maptaskr enhances your productivity with location data:

  • Route optimization: For a faster journey to customer locations, Maptaskr offers route optimization
  • Accounts near me: The “accounts near me” feature shows customers near you and helps you efficiently make a plan to serve them.
  • User-friendly UI: Users can optimize their CRM by quickly colour coding data sets and generate custom workflows with just one click
  • Automatic triggers: Automate trigger actions from the data

A Maptaskr implementation can help you enhance the way you work with location data:

  • Map CRM Data: Reduce cost and time by accurately planning a journey
  • Territory Management: Optimize territory coverage by creating, managing, and reassigning territories
  • Automate manual processes: For more efficient planning, geocoding CRM data automates many of the manual processes associated with territory and route planning.
  • Optimized routing: Maptaskr uses intelligent mapping to automatically optimize routes and schedules
  • Add detail with third-party maps: Users can import 3rd party excel files and OGC-compliant mapping layers to create detailed maps.
  • Geofenced Zones: Share maps with colleagues and customers to increase time productivity

“We blend your data with location intelligence and artificial intelligence to bring you insights and actions that will make your business better organized, more productive, and more profitable.”

  • Satellite and Aerial data help gather detailed insights regarding your customers, view the high-resolution aerial imagery provided in this metromap.
  • To further enhance the user experience of Maptaskr in Dynamics 365, users are able to connect with your Canvas apps to create base maps, search custom endpoints, add enterprise layers, and more.
  • If you’re interested in learning how Maptaskr combines customer data with geospatial information, check out this video that shows the results in Dynamics 365.

Enhance Your CRM Data with Mapping and Geospatial Data

Dominic Systems is one of Maptaskrs main integration partners, with deep expertise in enhancing the Dynamics 365 CRM use experience with rich location data. Book a consultation to see how we can help streamline your business processes by combining mapping data with your Dynamics 365 CRM.

Did you know? Maptaskr is the only approved way to integrate Dynamics 365 data with ESRI ArcGIS data.

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