What are My Mapping Options in Dynamics 365?

What are My Mapping Options in Dynamics 365?

There are 3 general map options in Dynamics 365: Bing Map, Google Maps Standard, and Google Maps Premium. In this blog post, we will look at all pros and cons of each feature.

Mapping Address 1, Address 2 or Custom Address Locations

Dynamics 365 comes with Bing Map. You will find this on the Account form. Clients using Dynamics 365 on-line have immediate access to Bing Map functionality. On-premise clients will see Bing Map but will require a license key to enable mapping functionality.

For those who prefer Google Maps the option is available and we can help! As of last year Google requires clients using their Map API have an API key. This key is included in the web resource created in CRM to view the map.

Google has 2 options for API license keys which we can also assist with:

• Standard – Free – 25,000 views per day per license key
• Premium – Fee’s – 25,000+ views per day

For many of our users the Standard version is adequate. For corporations with a large number of users who are opening Accounts and Contacts frequently on many devices, the usage will increase.

Suggestions to decrease usage include:
• Have the Map on the Account form only, not on the Contact form
• Turn off the map feature for mobile devices


Learn More about Mapping Options in Dynamics 365

To learn more about the fees involved with a Google Premium account visit Google Premium. Contact us today to learn more about all map options in Dynamics 365 and many other features of the system.

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